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Language and NON-FICTION

Language and NON-FICTION

The Structure of Words

A handy and humorous look at words, to help you read, write and speak with confidence – from syllables to suffixes, and strange inventions to rhythms in rap. 

Humorous and Nonsensical POEMS

From a not-so-serious ‘luv’ poem to humorous haiku, check out a wide variety of hilarious poems by well known poets. Discover their tricks and secrets and learn how to write your own nonsense poem or limerick.

Changing Land

How to be a landscape detective! Discover the landscape and life changes on the Isle of Skye and within and around the ancient city walls of Colchester. Next, play detective in your own home area.

Oxford Reading Tree inFact series

An underwater dive for early readers

Celebration Days

Find out what happens during important religious festivals, how they are celebrated and the special food that is prepared. Recipes are included for you to try!

Real Life Issues

With consultant, Anne Pezalla … Learn the truth about difficult topics and how to access the help available.

Young Explorers

Watching the wild

First Library Books

Why do animals have …

Time travel, pirates and other goodies

Time travel, pirates and other goodies

Young adults

Young adults